InfiRay – Cabin Series – CBL19 – Thermal Imaging Monocular

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Cabin Series Thermal Imaging Monocular is compact and light, easy and comfortable to carry and operate with one hand. Its battery can be quickly removed. With exquisite functions and built-in LED light, the Cabin can be widely used for hunting, search and rescue, under various outdoor conditions. No matter if it is day or night, and no matter how bad the weather conditions are, it can observe the targets hidden in total darkness.

High Image Quality

The Cabin has a built-in self-developed high-performance VOx (Vanadium Oxide) sensor. Equipped with high-performance electronic equipment and superior infrared optics, it can provide ultra-clear thermal images, making detection and identification easy and efficient during the day or night.

High Frame Rate– 50 Hz

The 50 Hz frame rate captures every detail you are interested in.

12?m Thermal Imaging Detector

Adopted high-performance 12m detecto

HD Display 1280×960

High resolution provides clear and colorful images.

Ultra-clear Mode

Built-in ultra-clear mode is suitable for bad weather conditions, such as fog and rain. This mode increases the sensors sensitivity to show enhance the details.

Picture-In-Picture Function

Provide a 2×magnified area on the top to help to magnify the target while keeping the rest of the field of view visible.

Built-in Motion Sensor and Electronic Compass

Built-in motion sensor and electronic compass to accurately identify the angle and inclination.

Replaceable battery pack – Plus Spare Battery

The Cabin is equipped with a 3.6V, 3100 mAh large-capacity battery pack, which can work continuously for 7.5 hours. The battery can be quickly removed and inserted in a few seconds, providing an ideal battery solution. The Cabin comes with two batteries providing you up to 15hrs of power!

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