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Extremely performing and fast, yet extraordinarily soft on the shoulder.
Loaded with our famous Nobel Sport Vectan 206 powder and the exclusive NSI 2-piece wad, studied to guarantee high speed and minimum recoil because of its internal damper that absorbs part of the energy produced by the cartridge, reducing the shotgun’s bounce and giving a fluid swing to execute a perfectly aligned second shot.
Its 4% antimony and silver-colored graphite coating grant better impact effectiveness on clays. (POI 33m/ 108ft up to 75m/ 246ft!).

  • Gauge:12
  • Head Brass:23
  • Shell:70
  • Tube Colour:fluo orange
  • Weight oz:1
  • Loading:lead (4% Sb)
  • Type or Lead Colour:silver
  • Shot Size:7¼ – 7½ – 8
  • Powder:206
  • Wad:NSI 2 PIECES®
  • Box / Case:25/250
  • m/s:410
  • fps:1345
  • Notes:T4 cartridge much esteemed by shooters the likes of Stuart Clarke for its versatile quality in various Sporting, Universal Trench and ZZ specialties.

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