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Our new Exclusiva is featured by a very particular and exclusive NSI 2 pieces® Classic 8 Wings Cork: a sleeve-shaped plastic container wad provided with an inner little damper and a thick cork disk. The combination of these two elements, together with the elastic property of the cork, let all the shots be protected within the wad during the ignition phases, preventing any dispersion. As a consequence, these shots will have more strength and remain concentrated at the center of the pattern! The particular 8 Wings cut of the container allows a better detachment between the wad and the shots during their flight.

  • Gauge:12
  • Head Brass:23
  • Shell:70
  • Tube Colour:transparent aquamarine
  • Weight oz:1
  • Loading:lead (5% Sb)
  • Type or Lead Colour:silver-coloured
  • Shot Size:
  • Powder:C7
  • Wad:NSI 2 PIECES 8.Wings Classic Cork®
  • Box / Case:25/250
  • m/s:420
  • fps:1378

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