R E Ranger R I A C T -PRO Frame with 3 lens kit

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Launch Kit –  Falcon Pro Frame Black with 3 RIACT Lenses in Cary Case with cleaning Kit 

Today, we are thrilled to share our all-new RIACT A.I.™ lens technology.

It took more than three years of research and development to craft our RIACT A.I.™ lenses. But when you look through each of these lenses, you will immediately see that the time spent is justified—RIACT A.I.™ will change the way you see the sport in a way no one else has.

We have transcended the traditional approach of shifting the color spectrum to create shooting lenses. To achieve this, we partnered with an Artificial Intelligence organization to find a lens solution to meet the shooter’s needs without sacrificing visual acuity. And after 1-billion lens variations, we landed on three lenses that will perform in nearly all lighting conditions:

RIACT A.I.™ Bright Light – This lens provides a superior field of view so you can perform at your best in the brightest of conditions. This RIACT A.I.™ Bright Lens provides little-to-no color saturation, keeping color natural while boosting oranges and reds. This increase in color contrast initiates supreme depth perception.

RIACT A.I.™ Mid-Light – This lens has the same properties as RIACT A.I.™ Bright light, but provides a higher luminance transmittance (we know that some eyes need that extra light to see that target).

RIACT A.I.™ Low Light – This lens is the best lens for gloomy, overcast, rainy, and low light conditions. The lens’s optimal color enhancement spectrum negates at least 15% of the perceived Purkinje effect. We do this by adding color saturation to the gray environment and clay target, which adds brightness back to the field of view. In addition, this lens halts hazy color vision, making it the best lens for low light conditions.

Each RIACT A.I.™ lens is AR coated and was crafted from RE Ranger’s all-new HD Fusionate materials (a high-grade poly carbonate, infused with precious metals). This premier plastic is the engine to the color-boosting technology that we mentioned above.

Lastly, these are not Zeiss lenses. Zeiss is unable to work with this technology, so we had to partner with a different manufacturer taking our product to a new level of quality and technology beyond our competitors

We welcome you to place orders today, but please note that RIACT A.I.™ is available for pre-sale

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