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Designed by reloaders for reloaders, the Frankford Arsenal FX-10 is a 10 station automatic indexing reloading press purpose built from the ground up to be the ultimate progressive reloading press. At its core, the FX-10 features rigid steel construction, multiple ball bearings, and a proprietary 10 station, gear driven, rotating shell plate which all combine to virtually eliminate powder spillage and bullet tipping. The FX-10 offers innovative improvements like dual de-capping stations to prevent primer drawback, in-line primer pocket swaging capability (for both small and large primers), and the ability to run powder check and case trimming dies.
The FX-10 includes a case actuated powder measure with a positive reset that guarantees you’ll never have to worry about squib loads resulting from a sticking powder measure. When it’s time to swap calibers, the FX-10’s innovative design allows the user the ability to quickly and easily swap out tool heads and shell plates to reload anything from 9mm to 30-06 length cartridges. The FX-10 goes further and offers refined details like a roller handle, integrated LED light, and spring-loaded case locator buttons, which allow easy one-handed case feeding and lever operation, making the FX-10 exceptionally smooth and easy to operate. Compatible with the Bullet Feeder (sold separately), the FX-10 is the ultimate solution for progressive reloading.


  • 10 Station Press
  • Come with case feeder
  • Optional Bullet Feeder
  • Case Activated Powder Measure
  • Integrated Bearings for Smooth Operation
  • In Line Primer Pocket Swaging
  • Spring Loaded Case Locator Buttons
  • Load Cartridges up to 30-06 Length
  • Shell Plates for following Popular Calibres
  • 9mm & 38 Super
  • 40 S&W & 10MM
  • 45 ACP & .308 Win
  • 45 LC
  • 38Spl & 357 Mag
  • 223 Rem
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