Lyman’s Ideal Reloading Kit is the perfect starter kit for the new reloader. It features all the essential tools that you need but will never out grow as your experience increases.

The kit includes Lyman’s new Ideal Press, equipped with a rugged 1″ ram and capable of handling all pistol and rifle cartridges up to 3.700″ in length. You also get our new Brass Smith Powder Measure, our popular E-ZEE Prime Hand Priming Tool, the famous 50th Edition Reloading Handbook, the Pocket Touch 1500 digital scale with Funnel Pan and dipper, as well as the Case Prep Multi-Tool, loading block and Quick Slick Case Lube.

All for a price that represents a large saving over individual purchases!

Ideal Kit Includes:

  • Brass Smith Ideal Press
  • Brass Smith Powder Measure
  • 50th Ed. Reloading Handbook
  • Pocket Touch 1500 electronic scale with Funnel Pan and Dipper
  • Loading Block
  • Case Prep Multi-Tool
  • E-ZEE Prime Hand Priming Tool
  • Quick Slick Case Lube

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