PARDINI SP Hi-Tech .22 Sports Pistol

$5,450.00 INCL GST

Semi-auto pistol with mechanical trigger for Standard and Sport pistol events. It retains the features of the SP Sport Pistol model, but has been upgraded with the following hi-tech features:

– DLC-treated trigger mechanism: the strength of the Diamond-like Carbon treatment increases its resistance to wear;
– DLC-treated bolt: the extreme smoothness produced by the treatment increases the stability of the weapon, making it perform even better;
– bolt with newly designed cocking handles;
– polymer-reinforced magazine with ergonomic base;
– British green/Black colouring.

SP Sport Pistol HI-TECH

Caliber: .22 LR
Height: 140 mm
Width: 49 mm
Overal length: 295 mm
Total weight: 1.095 g
Action: semiauto
Barrel length: 120 mm
Barrel rifling: 6D x 406 mm
Sight radius: 220 mm
Adjustment click: 5 mm
Grip sizes: RH: XS-S-M-L